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Planning your vacation and checking out promotions? Looking to experience the destinations like locals do? Want to talk to other travelers and exchange tips?

Frommers.info is your online travel guide, deal finder, travel news source, traveler communities, and booking engine – all in one site. It all started with Arthur Frommer's Europe on $5 a Day, first published in 1957. Today, there are over 300 Frommer travel guidebooks – and so much more!

  • Want to create memories for your kids that will last a life time? Check out their fun-filled “100 Family Trips” section.
  • Like to see travel news and deals grouped by interest such as Arts and Culture, Beach and Water Sports, Food and Drink, Theme Park, etc.; and by travel style such as Single, Gay and Lesbian, Student, Disabled, and more? Get inspired by their “Travel Ideas” section.
  • Need expert advice on currency, custom information, travel insurance, or even what to pack? Explore their “Tips and Tools” section.
  • Excited to connect with people who have been to your next destination and listen to their first-hand experience? Get on “Forums” section where the message boards are conveniently grouped by geographic location.
  • Ready to book your next tip? Just stay on the site and their booking partners are right at your fingertips.

just click for source Vacation is fun – and now even the planning of it can be just as fun – with Frommers.info!

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